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Andrew Vannoy
1742 - 1809
husband of Susannah Shepherd

Andrew Vannoy was born August 12, 1742 as the son of John and Susannah Anderson Vannoy. Andrew was the captain of a company in the 10 N.C. Regiment, Revolutionary War, under the command of Col. Abraham Shepard. He is recorded as having retired from the service April 19, 1777.

After his retirement from the service, Andrew apparently decided it was time to start his own family. On October 18, 1779, the 37-year-old Andrew married Susannah Shepherd (b. ca. 1762, d. Mar. 13, 1816), the daughter of John (Sr) and Sarah Shepherd, establishing the first know first known marriage between the Vannoy and Shepherd families.

Vannoy Connection

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The Vannoy Connection: Linking Cousins Grover Shepherd & Ethel Walker

While Grover Cleveland Shepherd is a cousin to the Vannoys through his great, great grandfather John Shepherd, Jr., his wife Ethel is a direct Vannoy descendant. Click Here to see Ethel's Vannoy ancestry.

However, Andrew didn't get a chance to settle down quite so soon.

Vannoy family reports say that when Lord Cornwallis began his invasion of North Carolina, Captain Andrew Vannoy recruited a band of neighbors, some of who had been in his earlier company and joined the forces of Col. Benjamin Cleveland which routed the invaders at the famous battle of King's Mountain, October 7, 1780. Andrew's brother, Nathaniel, was one of the recruits, and according to family record, was a member of Col. Cleveland's staff, serving him as sergant major. These mountain patriots were not a regularly organized band, but rather an improvised force that was recruited suddenly in an locality of threatened danger. Accustomed to Indian raids, they were always prepared to rush to the defense of their homes and neighbors when signal fires were lighted on nearby mountain tops.

Andrew died October 9, 1809. He and Susannah are likely buried in a family cemetery on top of a ridge on the east side of Mulberry Creek, on present-day SR1766 in Wilkes County, NC. There are no tombstones for them, but there are several rocks in the section of the cemetery in which two of their children have inscribed markers.

Ten Known Children of Andrew and Susannah Shepherd Vannoy:

  1. Rebecca Vannoy
  2. Abraham Vannoy
  3. Andrew Vannoy
  4. Sarah Vannoy
  5. Enoch Vannoy
  6. James Vannoy
  7. Nathaniel Vannoy
  8. Mary 'Polly' Vannoy
  9. Susannah Vannoy
  10. Elizabeth Vannoy

  1. Rebecca Vannoy, born Aug. 7, 1780.

  2. Abraham or Abner Vannoy, born Dec. 27, 1782; died Nov. 15, 1857; married Mary __?__; Had one known child:

    • William Vannoy, married Frances Sparks; Had one known child:

      • Daniel Vannoy, married Betty Edwards; Had four known children:

        • Nancy Theodosia Vannoy, married Julius Sylvester "Vessie" Myers; Had eight known children:

          1. John Myers, married Daisy __?__.
          2. Mary Myers, married Ora Wyatt.
          3. Clarence T. Myers, married Dallas Dell.
          4. Naomi Myers, married Odell Blevins.
          5. Oleava "Leavy" Marshall Myers, married __?__ Jennings
          6. Oliver Harrison Myers, married Mamie Martha Haynes; Had two known children: Marlene and Linda.
          7. Marshall Myers, married Hester __?__.
          8. Betty Lou Sina Myers, married Roby __?__.

        • Maggie Vannoy
        • Carrie Vannoy, married John Hutchinson
        • William Vannoy, died at age three

  3. Andrew Vannoy, born June 17, 1784; died June 1, 1871; married Nancy Powell (b. ca. 1786, d. Sept., 1844), April 12, 1815.

  4. Sarah Vannoy, born Mar. 7, 1788; died Aug. 7, 1868; married Isaiah McGrady (b. Feb. 8, 1784, d. Feb. 21, 1872); Isaiah was an early settler on Mulberry Creek in Wilkes County, NC, and the present McGrady community derived its name from him. Sarah and Isaiah are buried side by side in above-ground native stone mausoleums located between SR1766 and Mulberry Creek. Eight known children born in Wilkes Co., NC:

    • Andrew McGrady, born 1809
    • Russell Nelson McGrady, born ca. 1810
    • Susannah McGrady, born Dec. 16, 1812
    • Elizabeth McGrady, born Mar. 16, 1816
    • Aaron McGrady, born 1818
    • Frances McGrady, born May 20, 1821
    • Phebe McGrady, born Sept. 18, 1828
    • Louise McGrady, born 1828

  5. Enoch Vannoy, born Nov. 20, 1790; died Sept. 25, 1873; married Litra (Lydia) McGrady (b. ca. 1801, d. April 14, 1871), Dec. 10, 1813 in Wilkes Co., NC; Enoch and Litra are buried in the Roberts Family Cemetery at McGrady, in Wilkes Co., NC.

  6. James Vannoy, born June 27, 1792; died Feb. 19, 1857; married Sarah Shepherd (b. Nov. 21, 1795, d. Nov. 27, 1880), Dec. 5, 1813 in Wilkes Co., NC. Sarah was the daughter of John, Jr. and Pheba Eseentrino Shepherd.

    James was a Baptist Minister beloved of all who knew him. The 1830 census shows that James and Sarah owned six slaves. At his death he was referred to in a church resolution as "a good man, a kind husband, an affectionate father, a humble follower, an able minister of Christ and one of the most pious ministers of God in the Baptist demonination."

    The following is a letter written about Elder James Vannoy by his daughter Susannah Vannoy Whittington that was in an old family Bible in possession of Nancy Ryals. It was submitted by Sandra Shepherd Blevins.

    The Biography of my lovely father now is dead and gone.

    Elder James Vannoy was born June 27, 1792. Joined the Baptist Church at Reddis River on 2nd Friday in October 1812. Where as it has pleased God in his all wise divine providence to remove from our midst our worthy and esteemed Brother Elder James Vannoy. In him we mourn the loss of one of the most Pious ministers of God in the Baptist denomination. He toiled for many years. Spent with untiring ability a great portion of his time in the service of his master laboring in his vineyard encouraging Christians and warning sinners against an awful jdgement that would appear in the day of final accounts. He preached his last sermon at his own church Reddis River, Wilkes County NC on Saturday before he died on the Wednesday following February the 19th, 1857, his text 13 . 24. 25 of Matthew. Resolved that in his death we deeply deplore our loss and sympathize with our sister church at Reddis River to which he so long has been pastor and counsellor and the surrounding churches with which his labors have been so abundantly blessed. Resolved that while we bow in humble submission to decree that laid our brother in the grave yet we feel that loss is his eternal gain.

    Resolved we do console his dear family in whose hearts has an aching void has been left which can never be filled nevertheless we tender this our sympathy in assurance that he was a good man a kind husband an affectionate father beloved by all who knew him an humble follower and able minister of Christ who he bore his cross meeklly and is now at rest I sincerely hope.

    Signed Susannah Whittington

    Elder James and Sarah Shepherd Vannoy, along with some of their descendants, are buried in the Elder James Vannoy Cemetery at the Vannoy homeplace on the middle fork of Reddies River, Wilkes County, NC. More descendants of James and Sarah Vannoy are buried in the Reddies River Baptist Church Cemetery. Had 11 known children:

  7. Nathaniel Vannoy, born Feb. 8, 1794; died Aug. 5, 1852 of typhoid fever in Casey Co., KY; married 1st Fanny Owens, Jan. 7, 1814 in Wilkes Co., NC; married 2nd Mary 'Polly" Halsey, Dec. 29, 1819 in Grayson Co., VA; Nathaniel received a grant of land in Casey County, KY in 1845. Five known children:

    • James Preston Vannoy, born ca. 1820; died in Alleghany Co., NC before 1880; married Elizabeth Long (b. 1818), Mar. 28, 1841 in Ashe Co., NC; Had three known children:

      • John Vannoy, born 1845
      • Weldon Vannoy, born 1851
      • Levi Vannoy, born 1856

    • William Vannoy
    • Sarah Jane Vannoy
    • Margaret Vannoy
    • Rhoda Ann Vannoy

  8. Mary 'Polly' Vannoy, born April 7, 1796; died Mar. 15, 1874; married Rev. John Owens (b. Mar. 8, 1794, d. Jan. 4, 1859), Nov. 3, 1815; John and Mary reared a family in the McGrady section of Wilkes County, NC. John (and possibly Mary) is buried in the Taylor Family Cemetery on the west side of NC Hwy 18 at the intersection with SR1575. Had at least one known child:

    • Jesse Franklin Owens, married Elizabeth Long (b. Jan. 12, 1835) in 1855.

  9. Susannah Vannoy, born Sep. 22, 1799; died Nov. 23, 1871; married Rev. Tobias Long, Feb. 14, 1849; Tobias and Susannah apparently never had any children. However, Tobias had 12 children by his first wife, Frances Stamper (d. 1935).

  10. Elizabeth "Betsy" Vannoy, born April 11, 1804; died October, 1837; married Presley Brown (b. April 26, 1801, d. Dec. 12, 1883), Feb. 12, 1823; Presley settled near the Mulberry Post Office in Wilkes County, NC and accumulated extensive land holdings. He was also a school teacher. Had two known children:

    • Susan Brown, born Dec. 1, 1828; died July 13, 1914
    • John Milton Brown, married Pheroby Joines (b. Oct. 2, 1830, d. Dec. 29, 1910)


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James Vannoy - Cliff Cantrell (Photo of Lewis Wentfield & Mary Whittington Vannoy)

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