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Deep Ford Hill Cemetery
Burials abt 1810 - 1825

Deep Ford Hill cemetery
Deep Ford Hill Cemetery

Location: Cemetery no longer exists. Cemetery site is located at the intersection of US Hwy 16 and Shingle Gap Road on Deep Ford Hill between Wilbar and Miller's Creek in Wilkes County, NC. The two mobile homes in the foreground are sitting on the former cemetery site.

This cemetery no longer exists. The above photo is believed to be the former cemetery site. Paul Gregory, a Larkin Shepherd descendant, historian and reseacher of early history in this area, said in 1976,

"Regretfully, this cemetery was abandoned during the early 1900's and a dwelling house and a house trailor are now astride the graves of our ancestors. There is now no visible evidence that a cemetery ever existed on this hallowed land as it was bulldozed to accomodate the dwelling that is now standing there. Senior citizens of the Reddies River Community have told this writer that they can remember the marked graves located in this cemetery; and that the markers were used in the construction of the foundation of a chicken house now standing near by." [1]

According to George McNeil, a local cemetery historian, the man who owned the land where the Deep Ford Hill Cemetery was located, used the field stones in the foundation of a small chickenhouse. Later, the site was bulldozed, including the chicken house, and has since been used for mobile homes sites. It is not clear if the bulldozing actually disturbed the graves.

Also, a local man told me, in February, 2003, that the burial mound was leveled by a bulldozer about 30 years ago.

Total Graves Unknown

Official census of this cemetery does not exist. The following people are believed to be buried here, along with others.

Direct Ancestors of Grover & Harrison Shepherd in bold type

Deceased Birth Death Parents
John Shepherd, Sr Aug. 10, 1734 June 11, 1810 George & Elizabeth Day Shepherd
Sarah Jennings Shepherd 1738 After 1810 __?__ Jennings from Spotsylvania, VA
Robert Shepherd June 17, 1739 June 5, 1817 George & Elizabeth Day Shepherd
Sarah Rash Shepherd April 23, 1748 Unknown Joseph & Mary Rash
John Shepherd, Jr abt 1760 May 7, 1812 John Sr. & Sarah Jennings Shepherd
Phoebe Esseentrino Shepherd abt. 1770 After 1812 Unknown

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