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John Shepherd, Jr.
1760 - 1812

John Shepherd, Jr. was born about 1760 in Spotsylvania, Virginia as the second child of John, Sr. and Sarah Shepherd. About the age of 15, John Jr. left Spotsylania, Virginia with his parents. The family settled in the Reddies River area of Wilkes County, North Carolina about 1775. John Shepherd, Jr. is the great, great grandfather of brothers Grover and Harrison Shepherd.

Old Fields Section of Ashe County
Old Fields Section of Ashe County, NC

One of the first areas settled in Ashe County was along the South Fork of the New River in the Old Fields Community. In the late 1700's, some larger farmers living on the eastern side of the Blue Ridge Mountains (Reddies River and Lewis Fork areas) would drive herds of cattle across the mountain to graze in the summer. While John Shepherd, Jr. apparently never lived in Ashe County, he did own land in the Old Fields area.

Married Phoebe... Who?

The most intriging mystery concerning John Shepherd, Jr. is the identity of his wife, whom he married about 1788. No marriage record exists for John Jr. in Wilkes County, NC where he lived. It has been proposed that her maiden name was Sartain, and that she was a daughter of James Sartain who lived near the Shepherds on Reddies River, but this is not clear.

Various internet sites list John Jr's wife as Pheba (Phoebe) Eseentrino. The surname of Eseentrino has not been definately confirmed. The person who identified Pheba as having the surname of Eseentrino is not known, nor is source document for this mysterious surname. The word "Eseentrino" does not exist anywhere except in references to the wife of John Shepherd, Jr on the internet.

It has been proposed that Pheba was of Cherokee descent. Perhaps coincidently, the name "Eseentrino" is remarkably similiar to the name of a Cherokee tribe that lived in northwestern, South Carolina. Around the time John Jr. married, some people from the Wilkes Co., NC area were migrating to areas in the foothills of the Applachian Mountains in northwestern South Carolina and northeastern Georgia. In 1785, John Jr's brother, James, moved to northeastern Georgia after receiving grants for two tracts of land on Clouds Creek in Wilkes Co., GA near the Creek and Cherokee Nations.

This area is where the Esseneca Nation was located on the Keowee River at the mouth of Conneross and Seneca Creek on the present-day Clemson University property. Esseneca was destroyed and its people scattered by Major Williamson and his men on August 1, 1776 as part of an expedition to punish the Cherokee for attacking whites. Could Pheba be a Cherokee from Esseneca? Until the source document that identifies Pheba's maiden name as Essentrino is revealed, her ancestry will likely remain elusive.

A Successful Man

Evidently, John Jr. was 'well to do' for his time. At his death, he left an estate of 866 acres and 10 negroes. He also had a variety of livestock including horses, cattle, hogs, sheep, geese, and bee-hives. The inventory of John's estate includes a still, which was not uncommon for a family to possess in those days.

Although it does not appear that John Jr. ever lived in Ashe County, NC, he did own land along the South Fork New River in the Old Fields area of Ashe. At the time, only a trickling of settlers actually lived in Ashe County. Perhaps John Jr. was investing in frontier real estate, or he may have used the land to graze cattle. In John Jr's day, some Wilkes County famers used to take cattle over the Blue Ridge for summer grazing on open lands in the Old Fields area. As Ashe County began to become more populated, the practice of grazing herds in Ashe by Wilkes farmers began to create problems for Ashe settlers. On November 28, 1812, a Petition to the Assembly of the State of North Carolina was executed by residents of Ashe to create a law whereby residents of other counties could not drive or range their cattle through Ashe County. The petition reads in part:

TO THE ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, We your petitioners Humbely Sheweth that the inhabitants of the County of ASHE have for many years & do at the present Labour under a greavous which prooves a injurey to the Citizens of the said county for a very greate degree knowing that your petitioners inhabit a county of the most trasured & (blurred)? part of the State their living depending measurabely on raising of stock the inhabitants of other countys by fourcing larg Stock of cattle, Horses & hogs in our county it dount onely consooms our Range But it Brakes into the famrs of the inhabitants by which reason meany of our Citizens are much injured, which exasperates the inhabitants & great injury has bin dun to stock on that account. It is suposed that the Citizens of Ashe kills the stock of farmers & farmers return the compliment and goes on so far as to threaten the lives of each other & c. We therfore humbely petition your honourable Body to pass a law to prevent Stock Evil Proseedance (?) & from driving & ranging of stock in distinct counties where the mastor or owners is not a citizen.

A deed dated February 6, 1802, records John's sale of 110 acres of land along both sides of the South Fork New River to Henry Harain. John also mentions other Ashe County lands in his Last Will and Testament that are to be sold by his executors following his death.

Remained on Reddies River

While the majority of John Jr's siblings left Reddies River for the greener pastures of Kentucky, Illinois, or Missouri, John Jr. lived out his days on Reddies River and died May 7, 1812, leaving 14 children, including one son that was unborn at the time of John's death. John knew of his wife's pregnacy at the time he wrote his will. He specified that the unborn child be named Pheba if a girl, or Benjamin if a boy.

John Jr. and Pheba are suspected to be buried at the Deep Ford Hill Cemetery in Wilkes Co., NC.

Among John Jr. and Pheba's children, Larkin, Sarah, Lucy, Presley, Charlotte, and Lewis have many descendants still living in the Wilkes/Ashe County areas. Other than Shepherd, some of the more popular surnames descending from these children include Vannoy, Colvard, Whittington, Phillips, Dancy and Staley.

Fourteen Known Children of John Jr. and Pheba Eseentrino Shepherd:

  1. Elizabeth Shepherd
  2. Larkin Shepherd
  3. Sarah Shepherd
  4. William Wesley "Wiley" Shepherd
  5. Lucy Shepherd
  6. Presley Shepherd
  7. Pleasant Shepherd
  8. Mary Polly Shepherd
  9. John S. Shepherd
  10. Allen Shepherd
  11. George Shepherd
  12. Charlotte Shepherd
  13. Louis Shepherd
  14. Benjamin Shepherd

  1. Elizabeth Shepherd, born abt 1790; married her cousin, John Pumphrey, (son of Henry and Lucy Shepherd Pumphrey), June 26, 1807; removed to Pulaski Co., Kentucky after 1816; Had eight known children:

  2. Larkin Shepherd, born June 5, 1794; died Feb. 17, 1849 on Reddies River; married 2nd cousin Alley Irwin (b. Mar. 6, 1797, d. Jan. 28, 1879), Dec. 13, 1817; Had 11 children: John Finley, Lucinda, Rebecca, James Wilburn, D. Franklin, Jordan Ashley, Sarah, Benjamin, Abraham, Martha, and Mary. See the Larkin Shepherd Family article for more information on Larkin Shepherd and his descendants, which includes brothers Grover Cleveland Shepherd and Benjamin Harrison Shepherd.

  3. Sarah Shepherd, born Nov. 21, 1795; died Nov. 27, 1880; married Elder James Vannoy (b. June 27, 1792, d. Feb. 19, 1857), Dec. 5, 1813 in Wilkes Co., NC; James was a Baptist Minister beloved of all who knew him. The 1830 census shows that James and Sarah owned six slaves. At his death he was referred to in a church resolution as "a good man, a kind husband, an affectionate father, a humble follower, an able minister of Christ and one of the most pious ministers of God in the Baptist demonination."; James and Sarah are buried in the Elder James Vannoy Cemetery; See the Elder James Vannoy Family for more information on the descendants of this family which includes, primarily, the Vannoys, Colvards, and Whittingtons.

  4. William Wesley "Wiley" Shepherd, born abt 1796; died 1845; married 1st Sarah Woody, May 3, 1815 in Haywood County, NC; removed to Adair Co., KY; married 2nd Rachael Powell, Mar. 18, 1822 in Adair Co., KY; removed to Fayette Co., IL abt 1839; married 3rd Margaret McCollins, May 6, 1839 in Marshall Co., TN; married 4th Mary Hossford, Nov. 8, 1845 in Marshall Co., TN; Wiley is buried in the Vandalia Cemetery, Fayette Co., IL.

      Had one known child by Sarah Woody:

    • Wiley Shepherd, Jr., born 1817; married Elizabeth Tealy in Fayette Co., IL; Wiley Jr. was a wool carder; Had three know children born in Illinois:

      1. Wiley Shepherd III, born 1841
      2. Christine Shepherd, born 1843
      3. William Dela Shepherd, born 1845

      Had three known children by Rachell Powell:

    • Mary Shepherd
    • Rache Shepherd
    • Garland Carter Sheppard, born Jan. 12, 1824 in Adiar Co., KY; died Nov. 11, 1902 in Wilmont Twp, IL; married 1st Lydia Allgood (d. Nov. 24, 1880), Dec. 18, 1847 in Fayette Co., IL; married 2nd Lucy Ann Perkins, Mar. 2, 1881; Garland was a blacksmith by trade. He fought in the Civil war where he held the rank of Sergeant in Company D, One Hundred Eleventh Infantry. He was mustered into service on Sept. 18, 1862, and mustered out on June 6, 1865. Had 10 known children by Lydia Allgood:

      • Edward Ryman Sheppard, married Morton Ann Perkins; Had three known children:

        • Rachel Isabelle Sheppard, born Nov. 5, 1892 in Vernon, IL; died Sept. 13, 1938 in Bartlet, MO; married Henry Berry Snyder (d. Dec. 17, 1918), Dec. 24, 1911 in Vandalia, IL; Had two known children:

          1. Thelma Isabelle Snyder, born April 3, 1913 in Ogden, IL; died Dec. 17, 1918; married Ira L. Wright (b. June 6, 1900, d. Sept. 25, 1965), Oct. 6, 1934; Had eight known children:

            • Nancy Isabelle Wright, born July 17, 1935
            • Juanita Wright, born Aug. 27, 1937
            • Cleta Wright, born Feb. 24, 1939
            • George Wright, born June 25, 1940
            • Ira Buddy Wright, Jr., born April 21, 1944
            • Stephen Michael Wright, born Dec. 12, 1945
            • Donald Clifford Wright, born Feb. 2, 1948
            • Rodney Dean Wright, born Jan. 18, 1953

          2. Claude Henry Snyder, born Aug. 1, 1915 in Ogden, IL.

        • Mary Ellen Sheppard, born Nov. 19, 1895 in Vandalia, IL.

        • Julian Beatrice Sheppard, born Dec. 22, 1897 in Fayette Co., IL; married George McKinley Grandfield, Oct. 28, 1916 in Shelbyville, IL; George was a state representative in IL; Had two known children:

          • Maxine Grandfield, married Pershing Griffith of Decatur, IL.
          • James H. Granfield, lived in Lemon Grove, CA.

      • Eleanor Peniza Sheppard, married Charles Wadkins; Had two known children:

        • Rollen Wadkins
        • Nancy Wadkins

      • Garland Carter Sheppard, Jr., married Elizabeth Dozier, Sept. 12, 1880 in Fayette Co., IL.

      • Lydia Dyronita Sheppard, married John M. Perkins; Had six known children:

        • Susie Perkins
        • Emaline Perkins
        • Floyd Perkins
        • Elmer Perkins
        • Maude Perkins
        • Jimmie Perkins

      • Lillian Eveline Sheppard, married Alfred Parrott; Had five known children:

        • James Parrott
        • Bryant Parrott
        • Theodore Parrott
        • John Parrott
        • Dora Parrott

      • Mary Ann Sheppard, born 1848; married 1st Tom Grandfield; married 2nd __?__ Dance; Had eight known children:

        • Fred Dance
        • Manda Dance
        • Zora Dance
        • Dick Dance
        • Leo Dance
        • Rollen Dance
        • Fanny Dance
        • Jennie Dance

      • Wiley Oliver Sheppard, born Dec. 1, 1858 in Marion Co., IL; died May 18, 1893 in Marion Co., IL; married Minerva Ellen Perkins, Feb. 8, 1885; Had one known child:

          Frank and Roxie Irene Sheppard Snyder
          Frank & Roxie Irene Sheppard Snyder

        • Roxie Irene Sheppard, born May 25, 1891 in Vernon Co., IL; died July 27, 1974 in Centralia, IL; married Frank Synder, Nov. 15, 1911 in Vandalia, IL; Had at least four known children:

          1. Harold Wiley Snyder, born Sept. 23, 1913; married Sarah Louise Warren, Mar. 13, 1939 in St. Louis, MO; Had four known children:

            • Reba Arlene Snyder, born Aug. 8, 1940
            • Gloria Jean Snyder, born Aug. 17, 1943
            • Wiley Ray Snyder, born Nov. 30, 1945
            • Myrna Gay Snyder, born Aug. 19, 1955

            Floyd Tracy Snyder
            Floyd Tracy Snyder

          2. Dale Snyder, born Jan. 10, 1916, married Doris Kleeman, Sept. 4, 1948 in Vernon, IL; Had two known children:

            • Donna Lynn Snyder, born Mar. 27, 1952
            • Dwight Wesley Snyder, born March, 1957

          3. Floyd Tracy Snyder, born July 11, 1918; married Genevieve Louise Ward, Sept. 4, 1948 in Vernon, IL; Had three known children:

            • Sandra Kay Snyder, born May 21, 1951
            • Mark Leslie Snyder, born April 28, 1954
            • Timothy Lane Snyder, born Nov. 23, 1959; married Lapurisima Sarmiento Yandoc, July 11, 1989 in Marion Co., IL.

            Timothy Lane Snyder
            Timothy Lane Snyder

          4. Dorothy Snyder, born Dec. 16, 1929; married Les Griffin, June 19, 1949 in Patokia, IL; Had two known children:

            • Lana Kay Griffin, born Dec. 18, 1953
            • Leslie Ann Griffin, born June 11, 1956

      • William Lytel Sheppard, born Aug. 8, 1868 in Fayette Co., IL; died 1925 in Jasper Co., IL; married 1st Lucinda Elizabeth Friend, Aug. 17, 1887 in Fayette Co., IL; married 2nd Goldie Sarah Harman, Sept. 4, 1905 in Greencastle, IN.

          Had eight known children by Lucinda Friend born in Fayette Co., IL:

        • Walter Edward Sheppard, born June 28, 1887 in Vandalia, IL; died Dec. 4, 1959; married Rachel Snyder (b. Nov. 5, 1892, d. Sept. 13, 1938), Sept. 23, 1919 in St. Louis, MO; Walter was a pastor of the Pilgrim's Rest Baptist Church near Mountain View, MO., where he was ordained, and former pastor of Lenox and Anutt Baptist churches. Edward was a veteran of World War I. He also served the City of Salem, MO. as Police Judge. Had four known children born in Centralia, Marion Co., IL:

          1. Carl Walter Sheppard, born Sept. 15, 1922; married Florence Nadine Tucker (b. Feb. 7, 1925), Nov. 19, 1945; Had four known children:

            • David Carl Sheppard, born Aug. 2, 1947 in Salem, MO; married Linda Sue Smith, Sept. 3, 1967.

            • Evelyn Florence Sheppard, born Sept. 22, 1948 in Salem, MO; married Wayne Wren, Oct., 1965.

            • Donald Lee Sheppard, born Feb. 11, 1955 in Rolla, MO.

            • Yvonne Marie Sheppard, born in Rolla, MO.

          2. Charles Edward Sheppard, born Nov. 24, 1920; married Wilma Frances Boyd (b. Sept. 24, 1923), Mar. 9, 1940 in Birchtree, MO; Had six known children:

            • Rachel Charlene Sheppard, born Mar. 22, 1941 in Winona, MO; married 1st Eugene J. Losh, May 26, 1962; married 2nd Alfred Fitzpatrick, Mar. 21, 1971.

            • Mary Ann Sheppard, born Jan. 20, 1944 in St. Louis, MO; married Ryan Edward Daum, Mar. 3, 1962 - divorced Nov. 1, 1977.

            • Clinton Eugene Sheppard, born September, 1945 in St. Louis, MO; married Mickle Sue Agnes McCormick, August, 1968.

            • Carolyn Jean Sheppard, born Dec. 25, 1946 in St. Louis, MO; married 1st Steven Edward Schrader, Oct. 6, 1963; married 2nd Eugene Chaudoin, May 3, 1969.

            • Daniel Edward Sheppard, born June 22, 1956 in St. Louis, MO; married Debra Kay Judith Thoele, Jan. 17, 1976.

            • Beverly Ruth Sheppard, born Sept. 18, 1957 in St. Louis, MO; married 1st James Allen Whitsell, Oct. 15, 1976; married 2nd Patrick Cashin, Jan. 5, 1978.

          3. Clarence Ray Sheppard, born Dec. 29, 1924; married Winifred Bell (b. April 5, 1928), Aug. 31, 1949; Had four known children:

            • Clarence Ray Sheppard, born Dec. 24, 1950 in Bremerton, WA.
            • Karl Eugene Sheppard, born Oct. 7, 1952 in Bremerton, WA.
            • Richard Wayne Sheppard, born Feb. 20, 1956 in Alameda, CA.
            • Dana Marie Sheppard, born Mar. 18, 1958 in St. Louis, MO.

          4. Cyril Dean Sheppard, born Mar. 21, 1933; died at birth.

        • Elmer Charles Sheppard, born Jan. 9, 1891; died Nov. 1, 1972 in Metamora, IL; married Beulah Denmar (b. Jan. 29, 1910, d. June 20, 1978), in Breese, IL; Had three known children born in Melvin, Ford Co., IL:

          1. Eugene Lyle Sheppard, born Feb. 26, 1913; died November, 1960.
          2. Ina Marie Sheppard, born May 20, 1915; married Donald Spence, Sept. 15, 1935.
          3. Geneve Merle Sheppard, born Jan. 22, 1917; married Ralph Wendel Spence, Dec. 30, 1933; Had 11 known children:

            • Esther Louise Spence, born May 9, 1935
            • Ralph Robert Spence, born Nov. 28, 1936; died Oct. 9, 1961
            • Charles Clemen Spence, born Feb. 2, 1938
            • Richard William Spence, born April 26, 1939
            • Lawrence Dale Spence, born May 29, 1940
            • Jerry Dean Spence, born Aug. 18, 1941
            • Beulah Ann Spence, born Dec. 17, 1942
            • Kenneth LaVern Spence, born May 25, 1944
            • Rodger Wayne Spence, born Oct. 22, 1945
            • Mary Elizabeth Spence, born Aug. 24, 1948
            • Phillip Ray Spence, born Feb. 26, 1950

        • Bertie Sheppard, born May 6, 1892; died April, 1968 in Peoria, IL; married Iva __?__; Had two known children: Eugene and Kenneth.

        • Grace Lydia Sheppard, born Oct. 24, 1895 in Macon Co., IL; died May 19, 1970 in Cass Co., ND; married 1st Gust H. Rehn; married 2nd Max Ludwig Nobis, Feb. 22, 1916 in Ransom Co., ND; Had four known children by Max Nobis:

          1. Harold Sidney Nobis, born Feb. 8, 1917
          2. Robert James Nobis, born Nov. 12, 1918
          3. Lucille Marie Nobis, born May 20, 1923
          4. Bernadine Mae Nobis, born Feb. 9, 1930

        • Garland Carter Sheppard, born Aug. 1, 1897

        • Hazel Lucinda Sheppard, born Mar. 29, 1903; married 1st Jasper Lee Custer (Aug. 8, 1927), Dec. 8, 1921 in Paxton, IL; married 2nd Bernie Loren White (d. Aug. 14, 1948), Sept. 30, 1930

            Had three known children by Jasper Custer:

          1. Kenneth Dale Custer, born Jan. 21, 1923 in Springfield, IL; died Feb. 11, 1926
          2. Lloyd William Custer, born Aug. 8, 1924 in Springfield, IL; died Jan. 26, 195?
          3. Robert Lee Custer, born July 24, 1927 in Springfield, IL

            Had six known children by Bernie White:

          4. Ruth Evelyn White, born June 25, 1931 in Melvin, IL.
          5. Bernie Loren White, Jr., born Oct. 6, 1933 in Melvin IL.
          6. Charles William White, born Aug. 22, 1935 in Fairbury, IL.
          7. David Allen White, born June 29, 1937 in Forrest, IL.
          8. Marlene Jane White, born Aug. 23, 1939 in Chatsworth, IL.
          9. James Ray White, born Nov. 12, 1940 in Fairbury, IL.

        • Ruper Elijha Sheppard, born Jan. 5, 1900
        • Ida Lee Sheppard, died at birth

          Had five known children by Goldie Sarah Harmon:

        • Melven Asberry Sheppard
        • Robbert Lee Sheppard
        • Wesley Melton Sheppard, born June 8, 1914; married Marian Welch
        • Lillie Lucille Sheppard, born Sept. 13, 1916; married Lonzo Davis
        • Fay Lugrettin Sheppard, born Oct. 9, 1919 in Orange Co., FL; married Claude Henry __?__, June 25, 1938

      • Dyora Sheppard, died in infancy
      • Ruth Sheppard, died in infancy

  5. Lucy Shepherd, born abt 1798; died before 1829; married Thornton Kilby, Oct. 10, 1822 in Wilkes Co., NC; Had at least one known child:

    • Nancy Kilby, born May 2, 1822; died Mar. 19, 1914; married Adam Staley (b. Jan. 19, 1817, d. Oct. 26, 1888), April 17, 1843; Had 12 known children:

      • Thornton Staley, born Feb. 14, 1844; died Jan. 2, 1918; married Susan Dancy (b. Dec. 17, 1847, d. April 11, 1934); Had 10 known children:

        • Benjamin Franklin Staley, born Oct 31, 1869; died Sept. 6, 1951; married Mary Elizabeth Roberts (b. June 22, 1874), Feb. 11, 1893; Had 16 known children:

          1. Clarence Call Staley, born June 26, 1894
          2. Sallie Louzan Staley, born Aug. 21, 1895
          3. Nettie Belle Staley, born Feb. 15, 1897
          4. Annie Dewie Staley, born July 8, 1898
          5. Nelia Cora Staley, born Dec. 18, 1901
          6. Sarah Belva Staley
          7. Ola Nancy Staley, born April 30, 1904
          8. William Thornton Staley, born Jan. 28, 1906; married Anne McNeil, June 6, 1949; Had one known child: William McNeil Staley.
          9. Richard Martin Staley, born June 5, 1907

            Wrenn D. Staley
            Wrenn D. Staley

          10. Fred Moore Staley, born Dec. 24, 1908; married Sally Diana Whittington; Had two known children:

            • Wrenn D. Staley, born Nov. 18, 1945; died Feb. 18, 2007 in North Wilkesboro, NC; married Patricia Gaines; Wrenn retired from North Wilkesboro Auto Parts where he was a shop foreman; Wrenn is buried at Union Baptist Church Cemetery in Wilkes Co., NC; Had one known child:

              • Douglas Staley, had one known child: Zach.

            • Jerry Staley, lives in North Wilkesboro, NC.

          11. Robert Doughton Staley, born Oct. 6, 1910
          12. Howard Taft Staley, born May 5, 1912

            Wrenn D. Staley
            Harold Dean Staley

          13. Thomas (Tam) Calloway Staley, born May 25, 1913; married Georgia Harless; Had four known children:

            • Ben Staley (deceased)
            • Jack Staley (deceased)
            • Harold Dean Staley, born Jan. 18, 1940; died Oct. 20, 2008; Harold served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War. He was awarded the Bronze Spear for heroism and devotion to duty. During an attack, his Battle Group was stalemated and forced to reorganize in order to continue the attack. Harold stood his ground in the face of superior agressor forces and without regard to his personal safety, allowing the Battle Group to reorganize without serious impairment. Buried at the Old Reddies River Baptist Church Cemetery in Miller's Creek, NC.
            • Ann Staley, married Sonny Greene; live in Miller's Creek, NC.

          14. Jesse Willard Staley
          15. Mary Jane Staley
          16. Willie Frances Staley

        • Ollie Staley, born Oct. 10, 1872; died Oct 15, 1945; married Todd Whittington.

        • Cora Staley, born Dec. 10, 1874; died May 23, 1969; married Allen H. Whittington; Had two known children: Ransom and Callie.

        • Adam Abraham Staley, born April 22, 1876; died July 19, 1955; married Elizabeth Whittington (b. Sept. 18, 1882, d. June 14, 1921); Had four known children:

          1. James Thornton Staley, born April 22, 1908
          2. Oma Staley, born Oct. 21, 1905
          3. Minnie Jane Staley, born Oct. 28, 1910
          4. Lucy Corine Staley, born Aug. 18, 1912

        • Noah Jacob Staley, born June 14, 1878; died Feb. 14, 1961; married Laura Mae Whittington (b. May 19, 1888, d. April 13, 1974); Had three known children:

          1. Edna Jane Staley, born Nov. 2, 1909; married Haskell Marsh Bevens.

          2. Joseph Taylor Staley; married Nancy Edna Johnson; Had two known children:

            • Laura Mae Staley; married James Richard York; Had two known children: Randall Eugene and Brian Keith.

            • Donald Joseph Staley; married Ann Elizabeth Mathis (b. Mar. 26, 1956, d. Oct. 7, 1979); Had one known child: Chrystal LeAnne.

          3. Nellie Susan Staley, born April 12, 1906; married Everette Billings.

        • Mary Jane (Mollie) Staley, married T.B. Jarvis.

        • John M. Staley, born July 2, 1883; died Feb. 25, 1965; married Dolly Whittington (b. Dec. 12, 1887, d. Sept. 11, 1979); Had one known child: Roscoe.

        • Nancy Staley, married James Monroe Barlow.

        • Hamilton D. Staley, born Mar. 20, 1887; died April 1, 1951; married Nora Dancy.

        • Cromwell B. Staley, born April 6, 1896; died Oct. 6, 1960; married Ennis Shepherd.

      • Diana Staley, born ca 1845; married Edward Taylor Dancy; Children unknown.

      • Sarah Ann Staley, born ca 1847.

      • Jacob Staley, born 1850; married Ellen Edmiston, July 18, 1888; Had one known child:

        • Sarah Ola Staley, born Jan. 1, 1908; married Hamp H. Ashley (b. Mar. 16, 1909), July 7, 1928.

      • Samuel A. Staley, born Jan. 23, 1853; died Jan. 26, 1942; married Julia Houck (b. Feb. 9, 1856, d. July 31, 1951); Had 11 known children:

        • John Lewis Staley, born Aug. 10, 1876; married Hattie Elizabeth Whittington (b. June 12, 1873); Had eight known children:

          1. Bessie E. Staley, born July 3, 1898

          2. Gaither A. Staley, Oct. 9, 1901

          3. Odell Staley, born Aug. 6, 1903; married Mary __?__; Had three known children: Jim, Joyce, and Christine.

          4. Videll L. Staley, born June 18, 1905

          5. Avery Monroe Staley, born May 28, 1908

          6. Martha Staley, born Dec. 25, 1914; married Sam Simms (b. May 3, 1913); Had two known children:

            • Bobby E. Sims, born May 1, 1937; married Sylvia Deaton (b. July 31, 1938), July 3, 1960; Had three known children:

              • Jeffrey Eugene Sims, born Oct. 10, 1963; married Cary Gates, Oct. 10, 1963; Had four known children: Austin E., born Dec. 12, 1991, Jordan Cole, born April 6, 1994, Dylan Lowell, born April 6, 1994, and Christian Sims, born Sept. 8, 1999.

              • Rodney Glenn Sims, born May 29, 1967; married Crystal Ranson (b. May 3, 1968), Dec. 29, ____; Had three known children: Ashlyn, born Mar. 7, 1993, Hunter, born Feb. 2, 1995, and Carsyn, born Feb. 24, 1998.

              • Sara Elizabeth Sims, born Oct. 19, 1969; married Todd Allison (b. Jan. 25, 1968), Sept. 19, 1995; Had one known child: Lindsey Elizabeth, born Nov. 8, 1998.

            • Donald A. Sims, born April 28, 1939; married Kay Cashion (b. Dec. 5, 1938), Nov. 23, 1958; Had two known children:

              • Cheryl Sims, born Dec. 22, 1962; married Mark Nabell; Had three known children: Grant Christian, born Jan. 25, 1992, Mark Everette, born Sept. 23, 1993, and Katherine Claire, born May 18, 1996.

              • Kristel Sims, born Oct. 14, 1968; married 1st Clark Dean and had one known child: Savannah Grace, born January, 1996; married 2nd Jeff White and had two known children: Owen Maxwell, born June 24, 2004, and Emma Kay, born Jan. 11, 2006.

          7. Mary V. Staley, born Dec. 25, 1914; married Wade Peacock; Had one known child:

            • JoAnn Peacock; married Joseph Benton; Had one known child: Jodie, born July 25, 1964.

          8. Dora Belle Staley, born Mar. 1, 1916

        • Nancy Staley, born Oct. 18, 1877; died Oct 25, 1958; married Columbus Franklin Brown (b. April 27, 1942).

        • Martha Jane Staley, born Feb. 22, 1880; died Dec. 3, 1967.

        • Frona Staley, born Dec. 31, 1884; died Jan. 31, 1962; married Vancey Yates.

        • William McZander Staley, born May 20, 1885; died April 18, 1939; married Annie Toria Eller (b. Oct. 23, 1893, d. Nov. 20, 1968); Had seven known children:

          1. Sherman "Carl" Staley, born Oct. 13, 1910; died Oct. 20, 1983; married Vetra Joines (b. Oct. 17, 1910; d. July 7, 1987); Had one known child:

            • William Dean Staley, born April 17, 1942; died Dec. 4, 1982; married Louella Roten (b. Oct. 4, 1943, d. Aug. 2, 2010); William and Louella are buried at the Sam Miller Cemetery in Ashe Co., NC; Had one known child:

                Starla Staley Hodges
                Starla Staley Hodges

              • Starla Staley, born Mar. 26, 1963; married 1st Earl Ray Cox (b. June 22, 1961), June 12, 1981; married 2nd Tommy Hodges, April 3, 1998; Had two known children by Earl Cox: Gregory Earl, born Aug. 22, 1983, and Crystal Renee, born Feb. 20, 1986; One adopted son: Jed Hodges.

          2. Evan Hampton Staley, born May 17, 1913; died Mar. 14, 1974; married Annie Lue Adams (b. Mar. 23, 1919, d. Oct. 21, 1984).

          3. William Troy Staley, born Aug. 10, 1914; died Jan. 18, 1983.

          4. Dollie Belle Staley, born May 4, 1917; died Feb. 23, 1999; married Bruce Franklin Combs (b. Jan. 25, 1915); Had one known child: Rudd Franklin, born Nov. 12, 1948.

          5. Anna Virginia Staley, born Nov. 13, 1919; married Millard J. Cleary (b. July 23, 1914); Had one known child:

            • Annie "Ruth" Staley, born Feb. 3, 1942; married Ralph G. Dancy (b. Oct. 15, 1940); Had two known children:

              • Sherry Ann Dancy, born June 5, 1961; married Billy Ray Chapman (b. May 17, 1964; Had two known children: Stephanie Ann, born May 21, 1988, and Aaron Ray, born Nov. 20, 1998.

              • Cyntha Lynn Dancy, born Nov. 22, 1963; married Jeffrey Paul Dellinger (b. Dec. 27, 1963); Had two known children: Carrie Lynn, born Nov. 19, 1990, and Shannon Victoria, born Dec. 12, 2002.

          6. Ella Mae Staley, born June 12, 1922; married 1st Coolige Greene; married 2nd Jim Cox; Had one known child: James E., born June 17, 1943; died June 17, 1943.

          7. Julia Jane Staley, born Oct. 22, 1928

        • Queenie Frances Staley, born Aug. 28, 1885; died May 21, 1969.

        • Emma D. Staley, born Feb. 15, 1887; died July 30, 1954.

        • Ben Neil Staley, born June 2, 1891; died Oct. 24, 1979.

        • Roby Andrew Staley, born Sept. 23, 1893; died Mar. 18, 1985; married Lalar Whittington (b. Sept. 8, 1897, d. July 4, 1992); Had three known children:

          1. Allen Andrew Staley, born May 3, 1917; married Vergie Pilkenton (b. April 20, 1923, d. July 1, 1987); Had two known children:

            • Margaret Staley; married Ralph Harold
            • Marlene Staley; married Ronie McGlamery; Had two known children: Steve (m. Angie Cleary), and Dale.

          2. James Vernon Staley, born Sept. 16, 1919; married Mozelle Shepherd (b. Sept. 16, 1931, d. Nov. 4, 2002), April 10, 1955; Had two known children:

            • Penny Laverne Staley, born Jan. 13, 1956; married Ricky Lankford (b. Dec. 21, 1955), June 21, 1975; Had two known children: James Daniel, born Dec. 18, 1980, and Benjamin Taft, born Jan. 25, 1983.

            • Peggy Lee Staley, born Sept. 27, 1960; married Allen Province; Had two known children: Seth Allen, born Mar. 11, 1986, and Qwynn Leigh, born Oct. 26, 1989.

          3. Carrie Mae Staley, born May, 1928; married J.D. Taylor: Had two known children:

            • Betty Jean Taylor; married Roby Jolly; Had one known child: Ryan.

            • David Taylor; married Donna __?__; Had one known child: Matthew.

        • Edward Taylor Staley, born Feb. 3, 1894; died May 30, 1976; married Sallie Josephine Blevins (b. July 11, 1902, d. July 8, 1995), July 5, 1922; Had four known children:

          1. Samuel "Sam" Lee Staley, born Sept. 24, 1923; died Dec. 6, 1983; married Mary Louise McNeill (b. Aug. 3, 1925); Had two known children:

            • Martha Lou Staley, born Feb. 19, 1945; married 1st David Jones Bennett (b. Feb. 27, 1942, d. Dec. 23, 1967); married 2nd Thomas "Tommy" Ralph Osborne (b. Oct. 10, 1945), Aug. 30, 1968.

            • Magdalene Patsy "Pat" Staley, born Dec. 23, 1948; married 1st Lacy Darrell Brown (b. Mar. 18, 1948); married 2nd James Harold Wakefield (b. Sept. 12, 1943); Had one known child: Stephanie Denise Wakefield, born Aug. 30, 1983.

          2. William "Bill" Edwin Staley, Sr, born June 19, 1925; died Oct. 27, 2011; married Effie Faye Childress (b. Mar. 25, 1930), May 16, 1948; Had four known children:

            • Edith Gail Staley, born June 8, 1949; married Joseph Irvin Caraway (b. Sept. 26, 1944), June 24, 1966; Had two known children:

              • Timothy Joe Caraway, born Sept. 9, 1969; married 1st Shellie Jan Small (b. Feb. 9, 1971), Sept. 18, 1987; married Shellie Marie Fuller (b. Sept. 9, 1971), May 1, 1991; Had three known children: Lauren Brittaney, born Feb. 25, 1988, Kathryn "Katie" Marie, born Sept. 18, 1993, and Peyton McKenzie, born July 11, 1997.

              • Leigh Ann Caraway, born Mar. 14, 1979; married Timothy Axe, Mar. 11, 2000; Had two known children: Kelsey Emma, born May 26, 1995, and Kiran Elizabeth Axe, born Feb. 11, 2003.

            • William Edwin "Eddie" Staley, Jr., born Jan. 1, 1951; married Geraldine Eller (b. Oct. 21, 1952), Oct. 21, 1979; Had three known children:

              • Joshua Adam Staley, born April 28, 1979.

              • William "Will" Edwin Staley, III, born Jan. 17, 1982.

              • Samuel Lucas "Luke" Staley, born Jan. 17, 1982.

            • Emily "Janey" Jane Staley, born Oct. 2, 1952; married 1st Lance West; married 2nd Robert Boyles (b. Sept. 7, 1958); Had two known children:

              • Douglas Paul West, born May 14, 1974; died May 28, 1974.

              • Jennifer Renee (West) Boyles, born April 27, 1976; married John McMillian Stewart (b. Feb. 3, 1976), June 14, 2002; Had two known children: Alexandria Jane, born Oct. 26, 2007 and Robert Dawson, born Nov. 13, 2009.

            • Michael "Mike" Stephen Staley, born July 14, 1955; married Cynthia Triplett (b. Nov. 13, 1957); Had two known children:

              • Michael Devin Staley, born May 9, 1980; married Sallie Lynn Styers, Oct. 28, 2006; currently live in North Wilkesboro, NC.

              • Lauren Michelle Staley, born Feb. 27, 1985.

          3. Ruby Julia Staley, born April 28, 1927; died Feb. 27, 2007; married Lennie Greene Barker (b. Mar. 31, 1921, d. Sept. 23, 1997), Dec. 18, 1948; Had two known children:

            • Larry Joe Barker, born Mar. 15, 1950; married 1st Gloria Mains (d. deceased); married 2nd Brenda Severt (b. Aug. 25, 1960), Mar. 22, 1980; Had two known children: Kelly Joe, born Feb. 14, 1984, and Jodie Lynn, born July 31, 1988.

            • Janice Lynn Barker, born July 22, 1952; married Melvin Amos Rodgers (b. July 3, 1946), June 25, 1976; Had one known child: Justin Edward, born June 22, 1980.

          4. Shirley Ruth Staley, born Oct. 20, 1939; married Franklin Ray Walker (b. Sept. 17, 1935), Mar. 28, 1959; Had one known child: Ronald Eugene "Ronnie" Walker, born Feb. 10, 1964.

        • Lula Belle Staley, born June 4, 1900; died Oct. 2, 1978.

      • Martha Jane (White) Staley, born Sept. 25, 1853; married Adam Snyder.

      • Ellen Staley, born ca 1855.

      • Franklin Oustin Staley, born Oct. 10, 1856; died Feb. 20, 1945; married Dinnah E. Eller (b. May 27, 1859, d. Dec. 1, 1948); Had two known children:

        • Adam Montgomery (Boss) Staley, born May 28, 1898; died Jan. 9, 1982; married Beulah Pilkenton (b. Mar. 29, 1900, d. Sept. 4, 1996); Had four known children:

          1. James Harold Staley, born Aug. 28, 1923; died April 9, 1979.
          2. Duel Ford Staley
          3. Clara Mae Staley, born 1919; married Claude Lankford; Had three known children: Shirley, Kathy, and Garland.
          4. Brona Mae Staley, born 1921; married Junior Hamby; Had five known children: Ronnie, Rayvonne, Kevin, Gary, and Steve.

        • Ada Ethel Staley, born Oct. 28, 1893; died Oct. 28, 1993.

      • Elsie Staley, born ca 1859.

      • Mollie Staley, born ca 1862; married W.H. Joines.

      • Shadrach "Shade" H. Staley, born 1865; died July 1, 1938; married 1st Molly Eller, Feb. 26, 1888; married 2nd Jenny Bumgarner (b. Oct. 5, 1918), Feb. 26, 1888.

      • John W. Staley, born Nov. 13, 1869; died Nov. 7, 1938; married Martha Johnson (b. Mar. 12, 1873, d. April 30, 1933), Aug. 7, 1892; Had three known children:

        • Elisha Staley, born Mar. 4, 1909; died June 30, 1997; married 1st Ethel P. __?__ (b. April 15, 1911, d. Sept. 24, 1933); married 2nd Pansy Miller; Had eight known children:

          1. John Mark Staley, born July 10, 1956; married Melanie Gray Craven (b. Feb. 24, 1961), Aug. 20, 1983; Had one known child: Caitlin Elizabeth, born Mar. 24, 1988.
          2. Paul Staley
          3. Tom Staley
          4. Billy Staley
          5. Ray Dell Staley
          6. Susie Staley
          7. Diane Staley
          8. Virginia Staley

        • Artie Missie Staley, born Aug. 28, 1893; died Nov. 9, 1974.

        • Julie Staley; married Calm Eller; Had three known children:

          1. John Freeman Eller; married Eva Zell Faw; Had one known child: Jerry.
          2. Edd Eller; married Pauline __?__.
          3. Helen Eller; married Monroe Shumate; Had two known children: Donna and Kaye.

  6. Presley Shepherd, born Feb. 14, 1799; married 1st Ruth Woodie, Feb. 28, 1818 in Wilkes Co., NC; married 2nd Martha Caroline Ashley (b. Oct. 16, 1840, d. Mar. 27, 1938), Nov. 18, 1861; In the 1820's, Presley and his family moved to Kentucky. The Federal Census of Wayne County, Kentucky, shows that Presley and Ruth were living there in 1830 with seven children. Apparently, he went with or followed his in-laws, or brothers and uncles, to this magic land; but he was not satisfied with what he found there and soon returned to Wilkes County to be a teacher and farmer. Wilkes County School records show that Presley was a school teacher in District 42 during the 1844 through 1848 terms. Presley and Ruth made their home on the headwaters of Reddies River, near the Ashe County line; Had nine known children by Ruth Woodie, and four children by Martha Ashley.

  7. Pleasant Shepherd, born 1801; married Ann Brown, Oct. 5, 1821 in Adair Co., KY; The whereabouts of Pleasant are uncertain after his marriage to Ann Brown. Pleasant is not recorded in the 1830 census of Adair or Russell Counties, Kentucky. However, in 1833 Pleasant shows up in the records of Russell Co., KY, where he appointed Eli Jennings as his attorney to collect his share of the estate of his brother Benjamin Shepherd, Wilkes Co., NC "of whomsoever may have the management of Benjamin Shepherd, deceased, estate." Benjamin Shepherd was an invalid who died unmarried and with no children in 1830. His estate was settled on August 2, 1830. For reasons unknown, Pleasant was not mentioned in the settlement, while most of his brothers and sisters were. Apparently, Pleasant felt he should have been included in the settlement. Was Pleasant estranged from the family for some reason?

  8. Mary Polly Shepherd, born 1802; married John Phillips (b. ca. 1801, d. bef. 1880) in Wilkes Co., NC; Had six known children:

    • Jonathan Wesley Phillips, born ca. 1826; married Margaret Kees (b. Feb. 6, 1830), June 26, 1847 in Wilkes Co., NC; Lived first in Wilkes Co., NC; Moved to Fentress Co., TN between 1850 and 1860; By 1870, Jonathan and Margaret had moved back to Wilkes Co., NC in the Job's Cabin Township; In 1880 they are shown living in the Stony Fork Township, Watauga Co., NC; By 1900 they are shown living at Beech Mountain Township in Watauga Co., NC; Had nine known children:

      • James Calvin Phillips, born Feb. 22, 1849; died Feb. 19, 1902 in Duncan, OK; married Mary Jane Phillips in 1868.
      • Nancy C. Phillips, born ca. 1852
      • Martha Selena Phillips, born ca. 1853
      • Eliza J. Phillips, born ca. 1855
      • Eveline Phillips, born ca. 1857
      • John Wesley Phillips, born December, 1859; married Matilda Hagaman (b. June, 1861) in 1883; They first lived in Watauga Co., NC and later moved to Johnson Co, TN; Had seven known children:

        • George Andrew Phillips, born April, 1886; married 1st Ella Mae Potter
        • Bessie D. Phillips, born April, 19892; married John Raymond Duffield
        • Cornelius "Neal" Phillips, born Mar. 8, 1893 in Watauga Co., NC; died June 25, 1978; married Hester Burton (b. June 14, 1893, d. Mar. 26, 1949), Mar. 23, 1914; Had ten children - names unknown.
        • Rebecca R. Phillips, born October, 1894
        • Dora Phillips, born December, 1896
        • Vernie Phillips, born May, 1898; married __?__ Luntsford; Lived in Saltville, VA.
        • Mararet Phillips, married Henry Stansbery

      • George W. Phillips, born January, 1862; married Annie P. Haggaman (b. April, 1867) in 1885; Lived in Beech Mountain Township, Watauga Co., NC; Had seven known children:

        • Ida O. Phillips, born October, 1885
        • William C. Phillips, born September, 1888
        • Thomas Monroe Phillips, born Jan. 25, 1890 in Watauga Co., NC.
        • Jonathan Lloyd Phillips, born Dec. 3, 1891 in Watauga Co., NC.
        • John Wesley Phillips, born May 12, 1894 in Watauga Co., NC.
        • Nora Alice Phillips, born Nov. 3, 1896 in Watauga Co., NC.
        • Ira Spencer Phillips, born Sept. 20, 1899 in Watauga Co., NC; died Feb. 5, 1977 in Banner Elk, NC; married Ellafae Woodring (b. Dec. 7, 1909), September 11, 1930 in Elizabethton, TN; Had four known children born in Avery Co., NC:

          1. Barbara Ann Phillips, born May 12, 1933; married Junior Brown and had one child.
          2. Dale Spencer Phillips, born Dec. 23, 1935; married Joanne McGuire and had three children.
          3. George Daniel (G.D.) Phillips, born Mar. 10, 1937; married 1st Linda Joyce Smith; married 2nd Hattie Belle Presnell; Had two children by his first marriage.
          4. Glenn William Phillips, born Feb. 5, 1940

      • Mary Adelaide Phillips, born Nov. 9, 1865 in Ashe Co., NC; died June 19, 1948 in Johnson City, TN.
      • Alverda Phillips, born ca. 1866

    • Charlotte Phillips, born ca. 1838

    • Mary Phillips, born ca. 1840

    • Rachel M. Phillips, born ca. 1844; married 1st __?__ Strout; married 2nd John C.B. Shoun.

        Had two known children by Mr. Strout:

      • John Strout, born ca. 1867
      • Mary Lee Strout, born ca. 1869

        Had two known children by John Shoun:

      • Alex John Shoun, born ca. 1876; married Lula Ferguson, Mar. 10, 1910 in Wilke Co., NC.
      • Wesley Shoun, born ca. 1878

    • John Phillips, born January, 1850; married Mary __?__.

    • Nancy Phillips, born Jan. 9, 1844; died Oct. 26, 1942 in Winston-Salem, NC; married Rufus Gordon Parsons, Aug. 31, 1867.

  9. John S. Shepherd, born abt 1803; married Sally Irwin (d. bef. 1850), Aug. 25, 1824 in Wilkes Co., NC; removed to Russell Co., KY; Had three known children:

    • Linville Shepherd, born ca. 1828 in North Carolina; died after 1880 near Denton, TX; married Sarah "Sally" Muse (b. ca. 1826), July 27, 1848 in Pulaski Co., KY; Had one known child: Sintha J.
    • Elizabeth Shepherd, born ca. 1830
    • Nancy Shepherd, born ca. 1831

  10. Allen J. Shepherd/Sheppard, Sr., born 1804; married 1st Rosa Johnson (b. ca. 1808, d. 1869 of Typhoid Fever), Feb. 10, 1826 in Wilkes Co., NC; Allen and Rosa were living in the Mulberry Township, Wilkes Co., NC during the 1840 census. Between 1840-1850, the family removed to Logan County, VA, which later became Logan Co., WV; Allen married 2nd Mary "Polly" White; Had 12 known children by his two wives:

  11. George Shepherd, born abt 1806; died abt 1885; married Hannah Phillips; George and Hannah were living in Ashe County, NC in 1850 and in Watauga County, NC from 1860 to 1880. George's will, probated in Watauga Co. Dec. 12, 1885, bequeaths his house and land to Hannah's niece, Matilda Bishop, and to Matilda's son Grant Bishop. Had one known child:

    • Nathan Shepherd, born between 1840 and 1850; apparently died before 1885 as he is not mentioned in his father's will.

  12. Charlotte Shepherd, born 1807; married James Phillips (b. ca. 1802 - brother to John Phillips who married Charlotte's sister Mary); died abt. 1868 in Lee Co., VA; removed to Ashe Co., NC where James was a farmer and owned 1,300 acres of land in 1850; Had nine known children born in Ashe Co., NC:

  13. Lewis/Louis W. Shepherd, born 1810; died 1890 on Reddies River; married 1st Rebecca Jennings, Feb. 20, 1828; married 2nd Nancy Barlow, May 20, 1890; Lewis and Rebecca are buried in the Louis Shepherd Family Cemetery in Wilkes Co., NC; Had twelve known children by Rebecca Jennings:

  14. Benjamin Shepherd, born abt 1812 after his father's death; died Aug. 1830/31; Invalid with no marriage, or children. On August 2, 1830, a settlement of the estate of Benjamin Shepherd is of record in Will Book 4 of the Will Records of Wilkes Co., NC. It reads:


    James Vannoy, Guardian of Benjamin Sheppard. dec. Returns as due to Benj. Sheppard on the Aug. Term of Wilkes Courts 1830, as due to said Sheppard Seven Hundred and Ninety-eight Dollars and 27 Cents and that he has paid since that time to Larkin. George. Allen. Presly & Lewis Sheppard. John Phillips the Husband of Polly Sheppard & James Phillips the Husband of Charlotte Sheppard and Retain'd myself the Husband of Sally Sheppard all Heirs and distributies of Benj. Sheppard dec. the sum of five Hundred and fifty five dollars. And to Wiley Sheppard the sum of Twenty-five dollars and fifty cents upon an Attachment against said Wiley, also one of the Heirs & distributees of said Benj. Sheppard dec. And also to Wiley Sheppard upon a Garnishment as one of the Heirs & Distributees of Benj. Sheppard $39.00 And to Payton Phillips upon attachment and Garnishment against Jno. Sheppard Heir and distributive as aforesaid $33.00 And to William W. Niel $3.00 upon Attachment & Garnishment against Jno. Sheppard And to Benjamin Sheppard himself $108.00 and for the formal expences as Recd. and Relative, and pro tanto Executor DeSon tort four dollars ($767.50) Sign'd this 2nd day of Aug. 1831.

    James Vannoy Guard.

    North Carolina ) August Term 1831
    Wilkes County )

    The foregoing Return was Read and Recd. by the court.

    R. Martin, Clk.

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