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Shepherd Family Lines of
Ashe County, North Carolina

Twin Rivers
Twin Rivers - The North and South Forks of the New River meet in Ashe County, NC on its border with Alleghany Co., NC and near the border with Grayson Co., VA. The James Pendleton Shepherd family was at Twin Rivers in 1790 before moving on to Lee Co., VA about 1796. Coincidently, James Wilburn Shepherd, the grandfather of brothers Grover and Harrison Shepherd, settled just around the bend on the North Fork New River about 1850.

Shepherd families have been living in Ashe County, North Carolina since before Ashe was created from Wilkes County in 1799.

Reddies River Shepherds

The Reddies River Shepherds are those descended from brothers John, Robert, and James who settled in the Reddies River section of Wilkes County, NC around the time of the Revolutionary War. John, Robert, and James were sons of George and Elizabeth Day Shepherd of Spotsylvania, Virginia. This website primarily deals with descendants of the Reddies River Shepherds, which includes brothers Grover and Harrison Shepherd, who were born and raised in Ashe County, North Carolina.

Of the Reddies River Shepherds, James Shepherd, Jr. was the first to live in Ashe County, NC. He is found in the 1790 Federal Census living in the Old Fields section of Ashe in present-day Fleetwood. By 1800, James was back in Wilkes Co., NC, and later moved to Tennessee where he died. John Shepherd, Jr. owned land in the Old Fields area in the late 1700's, though it appears he never actually lived in Ashe.

John Jr's sister, Sarah Shepherd Jennings, and her husband, Elijah Jennings, lived in the Old Fields section of Ashe from about 1800-1820 before moving on to Adair Co., Kentucky. Lewis Shepherd, brother to Sarah and John Jr, also lived in Ashe from about 1808-1813. Lewis made his Ashe home "on the righthand fork of Old Field Creek, on the waters of the South Fork of New River" in present-day Fleetwood. Lewis sold this land to his brother-in-law and sister, Elijah and Sarah Shepherd Jennings, and moved on to Russell Co., KY.

Presley Shepherd, a son of John Shepherd, Jr., moved to Wayne County, Kentucky before 1830, but returned to North Carolina before 1840. Presley and family lived near the Ashe and Wilkes County lines from about 1840 until his death in about 1887. Presley is found in the Wilkes County census of 1840, 1850, and 1870. He is listed in the Ashe County census of 1860. Sources indicate that Presley may have lived in the same spot during these years, but the county line may have changed depending upon the political party in power during this period. Presley Shepherd descendants still live in Ashe today.

The first of the Reddies River Shepherds to permanently settle in Ashe was John Finley Shepherd, a son of Larkin Shepherd, and grandson of John Shepherd, Jr, who settled in the Cranberry Creek area about 1845. His brother, James Wilburn Shepherd (grandfather of brothers Grover and Harrison Shepherd), moved to Ashe before 1850 and settled in the Weaversford community. Descendants of John F. Shepherd and James Wilburn Shepherd still live in Ashe today. Their brother, Jordan Ashley Shepherd, moved to the Helton Community of Ashe about 1860, but made Wilkes Co., NC his final home shortly after the Civil War.

Other Shepherd Lines

The local saying, "All Shepherds in Ashe County are not related" is certainly true. Including the Reddies River line, there are three unrelated Shepherd lines currently living in Ashe. Basically, the Reddies River Shepherds are from the Laurel Springs, Old Fields, and Crumpler areas. The William (Hamon) Shepherd line originates from the Horse Creek area. The John F. Shepherd line settled in the Laurel Township. There are other Shepherd family lines that have lived briefly in Ashe and moved on.

The following are known Shepherd lines of Ashe other than the Reddies River line:

  1. William (Hamon) Shepherd
  2. John F. & Nancy Eastridge Shepherd
  3. James Pendleton, William, & Betsy Shepherd
  4. George & Olive Jane Shepherd

WILLIAM (HAMON) SHEPHERD, born ca. 1800 in England; married __?__; William came to Ashe County before 1824 and settled in the Little Horse Creek area. William's surname was originally "Hamon", but he changed it to "Shepherd". According to family tradition, William was said to be a nobleman in the King's Court in England. During his time as nobleman, William shot a doe which was a crime punished by death. To escape death, William left his family and his homeland and came to America. When he arrived, to lose his identity he changed his name from William Hamon to William Shepherd after the oak tree, which was known as the Shepherd Tree. William married a girl in Ashe County, whose name is not known. Shepherd descendants of this family still live in Ashe today.

Some Shepherds in Ashe County, NC share heritage in both the William (Hamon) Shepherd line and the John F. Shepherd line that is listed below. Grady Shepherd, a William (Hamon) Shepherd descendant, married Lillie Marie Shepherd, a descendant of the John F. and Nancy Eastridge Shepherd. The best known of these is Richard Shepherd of Lansing, NC, a son of Grady and Lillie who was the Personnel Manager at Thomasville Furniture Industries until the plant closed in the 1990's.

Two known children of William (Hamon) Shepherd:

  1. Gardner Shepherd, born June 4, 1824; died July 30, 1880; married Elizabeth Dunn (b. April 12, 1817); Had four known children born in Ashe Co., NC:

    • Isabelle Shepherd, married David Sapp, Jr., Jan. 18, 1868; No children.
    • Matilda Shepherd, married John Greer; Had eight known children: David, Ivens, James, Melvin, Betty, Caldona, Tom and Benjamin.

    • Melvin Shepherd, born Feb. 28, 1844; died Mar. 12, 1896; married Elizabeth Lewis; Had eight known children:

      • Ambrose Shepherd, married Rebecca Sapp; Had one known child:

        1. Lawrence Shepherd

      • Fieldon Shepherd, born September, 1872; married Rena Thomas; Had ten known children:

        1. Roy Shepherd
        2. Grady John Shepherd, married Lillie Marie Shepherd; Had three known children:

          • Barbara Ellen Shepherd, born Oct. 23, 1943; married James Walter Nichols (b. Sept. 6, 1944), Jan. 24, 1964; currently live in Millers Creek, NC; Had two known children:

            • Kimberly Dawn Nichols, born Feb. 14, 1965; married Sam Laws, Jan. 20, 1990.
            • Angela Michene Nichols, born Mar. 18, 1972; married Andrew Issom Boyles (b. Oct. 7, 1971); Had one known child: Jacob James, born Mar. 31, 1999.

          • Richard Lee Shepherd, married Catherine Jean Warren; Had four known children:

            • Warren Glen Shepherd, married Erin Miller; Had one known child: Gradon Luke.
            • Rena Jeanne Shepherd, married 1st Allen Powers; married 2nd John Farrelly.
            • Leigh Anne Shepherd, married Walter Wray; Had two known children: Serena Lillie and Elliot Lewis.
            • Mary Catherine Shepherd, married 1st E.J. Gordon; married 2nd Anthony Palermo; Had one known child by Anthony Palermo: Isabella Raine.

          • Johnny Bruce Shepherd, born April 14, 1949; married Pauline Gentry Woodruff (b. July 19, 1949), August, 1971; Had two known children: Jonathan Paul and Megan Elizabeth. currently lives in Lewisville, NC.

        3. Flossie Shepherd, married __?__ Wade
        4. Ruby Shepherd, married __?__ Blevins
        5. Glenn Shepherd
        6. Lena Shepherd
        7. Jewell Shepherd, born April 3, 1922 in Ashe Co., NC; died Nov. 6, 2011 in Hillsville, VA; married Wade Wilcox; Wade and Jewell are buried at the Finley Cemetery; Had three known children:

          • Diane Wilcox, married Charles Howell
          • Janet Wilcox
          • Jean Wilcox, married Steven Lyon; live in Hillsville, VA.

        8. Ossie Shepherd, born Jan. 28, 1903; died Nov. 28, 1905.
        9. Gravey Shepherd
        10. Lenna Shepherd, married __?__ Drain; live in Roanoke, VA.

      • Gardner Shepherd, born May 16, 1884; died 1932; married Etta Baugess (b. Mar. 4, 1892); Had seven known children:

        1. Swansie Shepherd
        2. Clarence C. Shepherd, born Mar. 6, 1915; died Feb. 9, 1986.
        3. Moody Shepherd
        4. Joseph Dempsey Shepherd, born Sept. 9, 1919; died June 26, 1960.
        5. Pauline Shepherd
        6. Dale Shepherd
        7. Cecil G. Shepherd, born Oct. 31, 1929; died Aug. 6, 1996; married Margareta Boettel (b. Sept. 1, 1936, d. Dec. 15, 2005); Had two known children:

          • Michael Shepherd, married Paula __?__; live in Ellicott City, MD.
          • Jim Shepherd, lives in West Jefferson, NC.

      • Orin E. Shepherd, born Mar. 25, 1893; died Feb. 28, 1953; married Nettie Davis; Had eight known children:

        1. Alta Shepherd
        2. Norman Shepherd
        3. Ralph Shepherd
        4. Bland Shepherd
        5. Carol Shepherd
        6. Gary Shepherd
        7. Larry Shepherd
        8. Adliee Shepherd

      • Rebecca Shepherd, married 1st Ambrose Thompson; married 2nd Lundy Barr.

          Had one known child by Ambrose Thompson:

        1. Conley Thompson

          Had seven known children by Lundy Barr:

        2. Pearl Barr
        3. Effie Barr
        4. Edna Barr
        5. Edgar Barr
        6. Ellsworth Barr
        7. Edison Barr
        8. Erwin Barr

      • Alice Shepherd, married Willy Greer; Had seven known children:

        1. Baxter Greer
        2. Reggie Greer
        3. Ira Greer
        4. Norman Greer
        5. Elizabeth Greer
        6. Elva Greer
        7. Mabel Greer

      • Elmina Shepherd, married Alvin Ham; Had three known children:

        1. Orin Ham
        2. Boley Ham
        3. Rose Ham

      • Arthur Shepherd, married Minnie Baugess; Had five known children:

        1. Ruth Shepherd
        2. Mary Shepherd
        3. Ray Shepherd
        4. Dorothy Shepherd
        5. Clara Shepherd

      Calvin and Anna Lewis Shepherd
      Calvin & Anna Lewis Shepherd

    • Calvin Shepherd, born Aug. 14, 1856; died Feb. 14, 1928; married Anna Lewis (b. Jan. 15, 1857, d. Oct. 15, 1943); Had nine known children:

      • Samantha Shepherd, born Jan. 19, 1875; died Oct. 12, 1957; married Willey Greer; Had six known children:

        1. Hilton Greer
        2. Lena Greer
        3. Huey Greer
        4. Lester Greer
        5. Calvin Greer
        6. Willie Greer

      • Elizabeth Shepherd, born Jan. 22, 1877; died Sept. 7, 1917; married Joseph Barr; Had two known children:

        1. Villar Barr
        2. Chessie Barr

      • David L. Shepherd, born Aug. 21, 1878; died Sept. 12, 1976; married 1st Elizabeth Hartsog (b. April 5, 1882, d. Sept. 20, 1922); married 2nd Lydia Osborne (b. Feb. 17, 1887, d. Sept. 25, 1971).

          Had nine known children by Elizabeth Hartsog:

        1. Fulton Shepherd, married Florence Graybeal; Had two known children:

          • Charles Weldon Shepherd, born Mar. 4, 1924; died April 10, 1996.
          • Eunice Shepherd, born Oct. 31, 1922; died Nov. 27, 2010 in Jefferson, NC; married __?__ Isaac; Had two known children:

            • Marilyn Isaac, married __?__ Osborne; live in West Jefferson, NC.
            • Carolyn Isaac, married __?__ Calhoun; live in West Jefferson, NC.

        2. Dorothy Shepherd, married James Shoaf; No children.

        3. Millard Buel Shepherd, born Nov. 11, 1902; died May 10, 1969; married Mae Riddle (b. Dec. 15, 1900, d. June 7, 1986); Had eight known children:

          • James B. Shepherd, born May 21, 1922; died Oct. 8, 1924.
          • Vance Henry Shepherd, born Dec. 18, 1923; died June 17, 1998.
          • Robert B. Shepherd, born Mar. 22, 1936; died April 25, 1939.
          • Barbara M. Shepherd, born Jan. 8, 1938; died Jan. 16, 1938.
          • Viola Shepherd
          • Pauline Shepherd
          • Smith Shepherd, married Laura Sexton; Had one known child:

            • Dain Shepherd, born April 13, 1947; died April 14, 1947.

          • Ralph Shepherd

        4. Conley Shepherd, married Katherine Lefler; Had two known children:

          • Rebecca Shepherd
          • Ronnie Shepherd

        5. Mary Shepherd

        6. G. Welmer Shepherd, married Bessie Butner; Had two known children:

          • Helen Shepherd
          • Betty Ann Shepherd

        7. Howard D. Shepherd, born April 22, 1934; died April 22, 1934; married Alta __?__; Had two known children:

          • Jerry Shepherd
          • Keith Shepherd

        8. Opal Shepherd

        9. E. Garley Shepherd, married Hester __?__; Had three known children:

          • Carolyn Shepherd
          • Jeanie Shepherd
          • Leaon Shepherd

          Had three known children by Lydia Osborne:

        10. Ottis Shepherd, married Katherine __?__; Had three known children:

          • David Shepherd
          • Charles Shepherd
          • Joe Shepherd

        11. Ruby Shepherd, born Dec. 22, 1926; died Jan. 3, 1934.
        12. Grace Shepherd

      • Byron Shepherd, born April 2, 1880; died Aug. 24, 1964; married Cora Greer; removed to Kentucky; Had six known children:

        1. Ronda Shepherd, married Ida Allen; Had four known children:

          • Hazel Shepherd
          • Clyde Shepherd
          • Edward Shepherd
          • Joyce Shepherd

        2. Gertie Shepherd
        3. Bessie Shepherd
        4. Ezra Shepherd, married Linnie Woodrum; Had four known children:

          • Mildred Shepherd
          • Samuel Shepherd
          • Jerry Shepherd
          • Vearl Shepherd

        5. Walter Shepherd, married Retha Long; Had four known children:

          • Harold Shepherd
          • Eugena Shepherd
          • Carl Shepherd
          • Leonard Shepherd

        6. Coy Shepherd, married Grace Woodrum; Had two known children:

          • Luree Shepherd
          • Kenneth Shepherd

      • Gideon Shepherd, born Jan. 17, 1882; died July 29, 1958; married 1st Rosa Greer; married 2nd Rosa Jane Osborne (b. April 22, 1887, d. Jan. 13, 1956).

          Had one known child by Rosie Greer:

        1. Earl Shepherd, married Florence Eldreth; Had two known children:

          • Russell Shepherd
          • Goldie Shepherd

          Had eight known children by Rosa Osborne:

        2. Jesse Carl Shepherd, born May 12, 1914; died Oct. 6, 1987; married Rosa Belle Richardson (b. Dec. 13, 1915, d. Jan. 1, 1992); Had three known children:

          • Ford Shepherd
          • Dewey Elmer Shepherd, born Feb. 24, 1940; died July 5, 1972; married Georgia Faye Lewis (b. May 23, 1942, d. Mar. 14, 2011); Dewey and Georgia are buried at Jones Cemetery in Helton, NC; Had two known children:

            • Terry Shepherd, married Elizabeth __?__; live in Smithfield, VA.
            • Curtis Shepherd, married Sheri __?__; live in West Jefferson, NC.

          • Mae Shepherd
          • Adell Shepherd, married Joseph Frank Richardson; Had three known children:

            • Velda June Richadson, born Dec. 27, 1936; died Feb. 13, 2010; married Joe Woods; Velda is buried at the James Family Cemetery in Ashe Co., NC; Had one known child:

              1. Louise Richardson, married Roger Ham; live in Lansing, NC; Had two known children:

                • Stacey Ham, married Chris Howell; live in Lansing, NC.
                • Mat Ham, married Tina __?__; live in Lansing, NC.

            • Fred Richardson, married Betty __?__; live in Lansing, NC.
            • Dean Richardson, married Skippy __?__; live in Lansing, NC.

          • Elmer Shepherd, married Pauline Hester; Had four known children:

            • Linda Lee Shepherd
            • Shirley Shepherd
            • Donny Shepherd
            • Robin Shepherd

          • Roscoe Raymond "Ray" Shepherd, born Dec. 17, 1921; died August, 1969; married Annie T. Bukata (d. Aug. 9, 2011); Ray was a US Navy veteran of World War II and the Korean War; Had one known child: Roberta.
          • Pearl Shepherd

          • Dale Shepherd, married Mae Cozort; Had three known children:

            • Sherl Shepherd
            • Mike Shepherd
            • Kenneth Shepherd

          • Calvin Shepherd, married Betty __?__; Had two known children:

            • Mike Shepherd
            • Mickey Shepherd

      • Bertha Shepherd, born Oct. 11, 1886; died Feb. 27, 1982; married Comodore Hartsog; Had eight known children:

        1. Bonnie Hartsog
        2. Gladys Hartsog
        3. Carl Hartsog
        4. Ardna Hartsog
        5. Clara Hartsog
        6. Reba Hartsog
        7. Belle Hartsog
        8. Wayne Hartsog

      • Zylphia Shepherd, born Aug. 8, 1889; died Oct. 24, 1921; married William Poe; Had six known children:

        1. Elmer Poe
        2. Pearl Poe
        3. Blanche Poe
        4. Belle Poe
        5. Glen Poe
        6. Henry Poe

      • Evida Shepherd, born June 9, 1884; died Jan. 5, 1888.

      • Adolphus Melvin Shepherd, born Jan. 2, 1892; died Nov. 30, 1983; married 1st Rosa Elliott, Feb. 14, 1914; married 2nd Floy McCullough; Had ten known children by Rosa Elliott:

        1. Carrie Shepherd
        2. Blanche Shepherd
        3. Everett Shepherd, married Ethel Simpson; Had five known children:

          • Hollis Shepherd
          • Rosella Shepherd
          • Ardella Shepherd
          • Arvis Shepherd
          • Leon Shepherd

        4. Worth Shepherd, married 1st Virginia Vilea Elliott (b. Aug. 16, 1932, d. Mar. 18, 1989); married 2nd Ruth __?__; Worth and Ruth live in Lansing, NC; Had two known children by Vilea Elliott:

          • Pamela Renee "Pam" Shepherd, born Jan. 23, 1960; died Feb. 10, 2006; married Jimmy Dean Osborne; Pam had one known child: Michael Price
          • Angelee Shepherd, married __?__ King

        5. Minnie Belle Shepherd
        6. Bessie Shepherd

        7. Lester Shepherd, married 1st Helen Goss; married 2nd Rebecca Agnes Reynolds; Had three known children by Helen Goss:

          • Douglas Shepherd, married Carolyn Lois Wright (b. Oct. 30, 1955, d. May 26, 2010); Doug lives in Lansing, NC; Had two known children:

            • Doug Shepherd II, lives in Glendale Springs, NC; Had five known children: Sydnee, Talarah, Chloe, Aiden and Emma.
            • Michelle Shepherd, married Shannon Brooks; live in West Jefferson, NC.

          • Donna Sue Shepherd
          • Daniel Melvin Shepherd

        8. Verna Ray Shepherd, born July 14, 1921; died July 5, 1944.
        9. U. Grant Shepherd
        10. A. Blaine Shepherd, born and died June 4, 1931

  2. Enoch Shepherd

JOHN F. SHEPHERD, born ca. 1836; married 1st Nancy Eastridge (d. bef. 1880), Mar. 4, 1868 in Ashe Co., NC; married 2nd Pheba Owens; There is currently no established connection between the John F. Shepherd line and other Shepherds in Ashe County. John F. may be the son of Elias "Eli" and Patsy Holt Shepherd of Perry Co., Kentucky. The parents of Elias Shepherd are William and Elvira Lewis Shepherd, who lived intermittenly in the northwest section of Ashe County, NC in the early 1800's. If so, John F. Shepherd would be part of the Shepherd family listed below as James Pendleton, William, & Betsy Shepherd. Descendants of John F. Shepherd still live in Ashe today.

    Six known children of John F. and Nancy Eastridge Shepherd:

  1. Elizabeth Shepherd, born Jan. 22, 1867 in Ashe Co., NC; died Aug. 3, 1943; married Joel H. Brookshire; Elizabeth is buried in Johnson Co., TN; Had one known child: May Bell, born Aug. 11, 1897 in Johnson Co., TN.

  2. Nancy Emaline "Emma" Shepherd, born May 20, 1870; died Dec. 11, 1959 in Barbourville, Knox Co., KY; married Henry Asbery Davenport (b. Dec. 17, 1853, d. Oct. 6, 1941), Nov. 30, 1890 in Johnson Co., TN; Lived in Whitley Co., KY before moving to Knox Co., KY.

  3. Lee Ander Shepherd, born Aug. 25, 1870; died Oct. 23, 1957; married Malissa Rosetta "Ettie" Francis (b. May 5, 1871, d. Mar. 13, 1933), Mar. 20, 1897; Lee and Ettie are buried in the Flatwoods Community Cemetery in the Pond Mountain Township, Ashe Co., NC; Had four known children:

  4. Levi Shepherd, born May 10, 1873; died June 8, 1903; married Cassie/Cora A. __?__ (b. Nov., 1873), about 1894; Levi is buried in the Elijah Shepherd Cemetery in Laurel Township, Ashe Co., NC; Had three known children:

  5. Christine Shepherd, born ca. 1875; married __?__ Arnold.
  6. Jennie Shepherd, born ca. 1876; married __?__ Clarke.
  7. Mabelle Shepherd, married George Parsons.

    One Known Child by Pheba Owens:

  8. Hamilton W. "Ham" Shepherd, born Mar. 2/4, 1883 in North Carolina; died October 15, 1963 in Partlow, VA; married Nora Kathryn Rankin (b. July 12, 1882, d. April 23, 1969), April 29, 1907 in Cumberland, MD; Hamilton and Nora are buried at Waller's Baptist Church Cemetery in Partlow, VA; Had 11 known children born in Partlow, VA:

JAMES PENDLETON, WILLIAM, AND BETSY SHEPHERD - James, William and Betsy Shepherd are some of the first Shepherds known to have lived in Ashe County, NC. They are found in the 1790 Federal Census as the heads of three households in the Twin Rivers section of Ashe near Alleghany Co., NC and Grayson Co., VA. Betsy is believed to be the widowed mother of James and William. The father's identity has not been firmly established. According to various sources, his name may have been William, James, or Thomas. These Shepherds moved on to Lee County, Virginia about 1796, though William and his wife, Elvira Lewis, lived intermittenly in the Northwest section of Ashe in the early 1800's. There are currently no known descendants of this family living in Ashe today.

For those researching this Shepherd line, there appears to be quite a bit of confusion concerning the identity of Betsy's husband. Click here to view some information from Shepherd researcher David Travillion Bunton concerning Betsy's husband, the father of James and William Shepherd

George William Shepherd
George William Shepherd

A famous member of this Shepherd clan is actress Cybill Lynne Shepherd, born Feb. 18, 1950 in Memphis, Tennessee to William Jennings and Patty Shobe Shepherd. Cybill's line traces back to William and Elvira Lewis Shepherd.

An infamous descendant of these Shepherds is George William Shepherd (b. January, 1842 in Jackson Co., MO, d. Feb. 23, 1917), a grandson of James Pendleton Shepherd. George was a member of Quantrill's Raiders during the Civil War and later rode with the James Gang. George was reported to have wounded Jesse James at Short Creek (near Joplin, MO), in a plot with law officers to get the reward money. George killed James Anderson, brother of "Bloody Bill" Anderson by cutting his throat on the lawn of the state capitol in Austin, Texas. George was said to be avenging the murder of his nephew Ike Flannery.

Oliver "Ol" Shepherd, brother or cousin, to George William Shepherd, also rode with Quantrill and the James Gang. Participated in robbery of the bank in Russelville, Kentucky. Detectives tracked him to Missouri and caught him at one of the family homes (his father's, George's, or his own). Ordered to surrender, one report says he tried to shoot his way out, and was shot seven times and killed. The other report, from eye-witness Margaret Shephard, his granddaughter, said Ol was unarmed, and was shot 20 times and killed by police officers in 1868.

JAMES PENDLETON SHEPHERD, born May 18, 1767 in Halifax Co., NC; died July 8, 1853 in Independence, Jackson Co., MO; married Rachel Gault (b. ca. 1767), before 1785 in Virginia; James is buried at Hardup Cemetery in Jackson Co., MO; Had 11 known children:

  1. Elizabeth Shepherd, born in Lee Co., VA.
  2. James Pendleton Shepherd, born in Lee Co., VA.
  3. Elijah Shepherd, born Oct. 21, 1792 in Kentucky.
  4. Levi Shepherd, born ca. 1794 in Virginia.
  5. Johannah Shepherd, born 1797 in Lee Co., VA.

  6. John Pendleton Shepherd, born June 21, 1798 in Lee Co., VA; died Oct. 1, 1876 in Jackson Co., MO; married Eleanor Boggs (b. Sept. 24, 1803) in 1824; Had 11 known children:

  7. William L. Shepherd, born ca. 1799 in Lee Co., VA.
  8. Enoch Shepherd, born 1800 in Lee Co., VA.
  9. Rachel Shepherd, born Aug. 12, 1805 in Lee Co., VA.
  10. Nimrod Shepherd, born 1808 in Nodaway Co., VA.
  11. Jonathan Shepherd, born ca. 1811 in Lee Co., VA.

WILLIAM C. THIEST SHEPHERD born ca. 1775 in Halifax Co., NC; died 1828 in Big Stone Gap, Wise Co., VA; married Elvira "Vira" Lewis (b. ca. 1775), abt. 1795; William and Elvira moved back and forth between Ashe Co., NC and Lee Co., VA. They are the progenitors of "The Shepherds of Leslie Co., KY"; Had seven known children:

  1. Unknown Shepherd
  2. William C. Shepherd, born 1794 in Virginia; married Sarah Wells (b. 1800).
  3. John Riley Shepherd, born 1796 in Owsley Co., KY; married Nancy Wells.
  4. Rebecca Shepherd, born ca. 1798 in Virginia; died Nov. 1, 1867 in Wise Co., VA; married Rev. William Thomas Wells (b. 1797).
  5. Isaac Shepherd, born 1804 in Owsley Co., KY; died 1810 in Lee Co., VA.

  6. Elias "Eli" Shepherd, born 1810 in Owsley Co., KY; married Patsy Holt (b. 1810), Nov. 24, 1831 in Clay Co., KY; Had six known children:

  7. Levi Shepherd, born 1813 in Virginia.

GEORGE SHEPHERD, born Dec. 18, 1812/14 in Wilkes Co., NC or in SC (In three census records, George reports that he was born in SC); died Nov. 14, 1912 in Cleo Springs, Major Co., OK; married 1st Olive Jane Fair (b. 1820); married 2nd Ginsie Roberts (b. Sept. 1821), June 10, 1860 in Johnson Co., TN; The George Shepherd family reportedly moved from North Carolina to the Forge Creek area of Johnson Co., TN about 1849. The family is found in the 1850 and 1860 census of Johnson Co., TN. The family then moved to Ashe Co., NC where they are found in the 1870 census. As of the 1900 Ashe Census, George and Ginsie were still living in Ashe, but no other members of the family are found, so it is assumed that the descendants of George and Jane left Ashe before 1900. There are currently no known descendants of this family still living in Ashe.

    Had 11 known children by Olive Jane Fair:

  1. Jeanetta Shepherd, born ca. 1838 in Ashe Co., NC.

  2. Daniel Shepherd, born ca. 1840 in Ashe Co., NC; This is likely the Daniel Sheppard that was hanged in 1863 during the Civil War in Johnson County, TN. John Preston Authur relates the event in his History of Watauga County: "...Soon thereafter Canada Guy and a boy named Jacob May, a son of Jeff May, of Roan Creek, Tenn., were captured by Daniel Sheppard and some of Captain Price's men of Ashe County, near Sutherland, and hanged, though it is said that May was innocent and was ex-honorated from all complicity by Guy before he was killed. Note: (1)It is said that Sheppard was afterwards captured and hanged on a dogwood in Johnson County, Tenn., but that the rope broke. Jeff May, his captor, then took the halter from Sheppard's horse and strangled Sheppard to death with it."

  3. John W. Shepherd, born ca. 1841 in Ashe Co., NC.

  4. Isaiah M. Shepherd, born ca. 1843 in Ashe Co., NC.

  5. William Shepherd, born ca. 1846 in Ashe Co., NC; married Mary Ann Farmer (b. ca. 1835), Sept. 6, 1868 in Ashe Co., NC; William and Mary are last known in Ashe County as of the 1870 census. Had one known child:

    • Callie Shepherd, born ca. 1868

  6. Leander G.J. Shepherd, born ca. 1848 in Ashe Co., NC; married Margaret Farmer (b. ca. 1852), Nov. 29, 1869 in Ashe Co., NC; Leander and Margaret are last known in Ashe County as of the 1870 census. They moved to Tennessee, then settled in Rooks Co., KS about 1890. Had ten known children:

    • Amanda Shepherd, married Jasper "Joe" Buck
    • Tish Shepherd
    • Luther Shepherd
    • Tom Shepherd
    • David Joseph Shepherd
    • Ellen Shepherd
    • Minnie Shepherd
    • Millard Shepherd
    • George Shepherd
    • Charlie Shepherd

  7. Elizabeth Shepherd, born ca. 1850 in Johnson Co., TN.
  8. Alexander Shepherd, born ca. 1852 in Johnson Co., TN.
  9. Sarah Jane Shepherd, born Aug. 28, 1854 in Johnson Co., TN.
  10. Riley Craven Shepherd, born ca. 1856 in Johnson Co., TN.
  11. George W. Shepherd, born ca. 1860 in Johnson Co., TN.

    Had one known child by Ginsie Roberts:

  12. Wyley Shepherd, born Oct. 18, 1864 in Johnson Co., TN; died Sept. 8, 1950 in Sumner Co., KS; married Rachel Martisha Roark (b. Feb. 20, 1857); Had eight known children:

    • Alice Roark, born 1872 in Ashe Co., NC.
    • Elmer Roark, born in Ashe Co., NC.
    • Earl Roark, born in Ashe Co., NC.
    • Rosa Etta Shepard, born Dec. 15, 1883.

    • Arthur Ira Sherman Shepard, born Sept. 10, 1886 in Ashe Co., NC; died May 9, 1971 in Wellington, KS; married Gertrude Jane Fegley (b. Aug. 19, 1893) in 1920; Arthur is buried at Prairie Lawn Cemetery in Wellington, KS; Had three known children born in Wellington, KS:

      • Bonnie B. Shepard, born Jan. 12, 1929.
      • Arthur Roger Shepard, born Dec. 26, 1930.
      • Donald Fegley Shepard, born Nov. 7, 1934.

    • Cora Jennie Elizabeth Shepard, born Jan. 28, 1889 in Ashe Co., NC.
    • Dona Shepard, born May 27, 1893 in Vermillon, KS.
    • Roy George Calvin Shepard, born Sept. 18, 1896 in Vermillon, KS.

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  1. Shepherd Info provided by David Travillion Bunton,

    In the 1790 NC census, 10th company (which later became Ashe Co) is the enumeration for James Shepherd, William Shepherd, and Betty (sic, Betsy) Shepherd.

    This James is the one with wife Rachel (maiden name said to be Gault but I believe was really Vaught)

    This William is the one with wife Elvira Lewis.

    The Betsy Shepherd has two males in her household who were Uriah and Nimrod Shepherd (her younger sons) and daughters Rebecca and Martha. Rebecca later married Zachariah Wells and her sister Martha married George Blanton. Uriah Shepherd married Elizabeth Smith, daughter of James Smith and Nancy Mulkey. Nimrod Shepherd married Jemima Smith.

    If you look at all the neighbors of the 1790 census and then go back and look at the families on the 1782 Montgomery Co, Va taxlist you will find William Shepherd with two tithes (males aged 16 or above). One of course was the head of household William Shepherd and the other was his eldest son.

    Sometime between about 1784 and 1789 this William Shepherd died leaving a widow Elizabeth Shepherd.

    The above are what the records show from taxlists, deeds, etc.

    Now what the family said. A son of Mrs Elizabeth Shepherd, named Uriah Shepherd (who appears with his mother Mrs. Elizabeth Shepherd in Lee Co, VA taxlists) had several children and his two oldest were James Shepherd born in 1805 in Lee Co, Va and William Silas Shepherd born ca 1807 in Alabama Territory, born very soon after the family had left Knox Co, Ky.

    These two sons were said to be named after grandfathers. Since I know that the father in law of Uriah Shepherd was James Smith, I have assumed that by elimination, the paternal grandfather of the two boys would be named William Shepherd. This seems to match with the info found in the early Montgomery Co, VA records. However, there are other accounts (albeit somewhat garbled) from the Nimrod Shepherd family which indicate that the grandfather would have been James Shepherd. I am very sure that the husband of Mrs. Elizabeth Shepherd (of the 1790 Wilkes Co, NC census and later of Lee Co, VA) was named either William Shepherd or James Shepherd, and I lean toward William Shepherd. There were some other old letters written in our family way back which would tell us definitively, but so far I have not found the originals. However, I can prove by written accounts from Uriah's children that their maternal grandfather was James Smith who married Nancy Mulkey. Since the children were born in the early 1800s (all before 1820) I would expect that they did know their grandparents and this would be accurate.

    So, in summary, if one takes the tradition of the family, one has the husband of Mrs Elizabeth Shepherd being either James Shepherd or William Shepherd.

    If one looks at available records, the taxlists show William Shepherd. Taken together it all narrows down to William Shepherd, although I admit there is a possibility that it could be James Shepherd, or maybe William James Shepherd. Uriah's son James Shepherd born ca 1805 is said to have gotten a powder horn from his grandfather Shepherd which was used in the Revolutionary War. A possibility is that he got it because he was a namesake of an earlier James Shepherd, but that would be speculation on my part, and I have tried to be very cautious in any of my assumptions concerning all this. Return